Latina 2/3

Here she is, putting on a show for you. She would do anything for you, maybe she may fight you in the process, but her heart is willing, and her body too.

Latina 1/3

A girl and body form very typical of here in Bogota, Colombia. A girl type who will give her all to you, quickly forgive you and never forget you. She will express her emotions, and she will not hide her anger.. but then again, she won’t hide her affection.

More coming soon soon!

Hi there peeps..

I wonder if you’ve noticed how quiet I have been. It seems I’ve fallen in love with a girl and work has begun, thus I have been preoccupied. I hope to sit down and get some queue and thoughts up about my sexuality and emotions as of late! I miss the ritual, I’ll be back!

Maybe this weekend…